3 Top Anti Aging Foods

What Are the 3 Top Anti Aging Foods?

Figuring out the absolute best anti-aging foods can be a bit difficult since every person is a bit different, just like Lifecell. This means what works astoundingly well for one person might only work moderately well for another. However even with that being said, there are certain foods which everyone agrees are among the best when it comes to healing your body and helping you keep your youthful vigor even as the years pile up.

The first thing to understand is that when talking about anti aging foods, you’re often referring to the same types of foods that fall under the nutritious “super foods” category. When you hear about any food that is great against cancer or full of antioxidant goodness, then chances are you’re looking at a type of food that is also going to work well in helping reduce signs of aging.

Group 1: Anti-Oxidant Rich Natural Fruits

This group contains natural berries like blueberries, black berries, and other similar bush-based berries that are heavy in vitamins and anti-oxidants. These fruits are known for being very healthy, make a fantastic alternative to sugary food or over processed sweets, and help give skin a natural glow that helps slow aging. The healthy skin will also help fight wrinkles and keep that youthful appearance so many people covet.

Group 2: Natural Pacific Salmon

Salmon is an amazing protein, and arguably one of the healthiest foods in the entire world. One of the drawbacks to most sources of protein is that they can cause breakdowns in the skin or bring harsh free radicals into the body that speed up the aging process.

This is especially true of many types of meat. However, salmon is extremely healthy and without these side effects. Also the Omega-3 fatty acids mean better skin and a better heart to make that youthful appearance work both inside and out.

One very important note: not all salmon is created equal. Because of potential issues with pollution from salmon found in the Atlantic Ocean or even in farmed Pacific salmon, you will want to make sure any salmon you eat is caught naturally from the Pacific. That way you get all the benefits of salmon without the potential mercury and other pollutants that can be an issue in some cases with Atlantic-based salmon.

Group 3: Deep Leafy Green Vegetables

We’re not talking about normal lettuce or salad here. Deep green leafy vegetables start with the commonly known spinach but also include kale or even colored greens. These deep green leafy vegetables are about as healthy as a plant can get, don’t have any sugar like many fruits, and can slow the aging process.

In Conclusion

Anyone who has a diet that is high in salmon, green leafy vegetables, and naturally anti-oxidant rich berries will have no trouble not only looking younger even as the time flies by, but they will also be extremely healthy. This is the perfect combination for any ideal eating plan!